Danielle is an extraordinary artist and mentor with a gift for inspiring creativity. Drawing from a variety of spiritual practices, and a life full of performance and entrepreneurial experience, she has helped me clarify and connect ideas as a producer and composer, manage my time between creative projects and overcome anxiety around making art. She is a natural healer and muse!
— LOVBREKKE, Music Producer

Danielle seeks out connection; relationships between words and music, visual art and movement, psyche and myth. She brings an intellectual rigor, finding points of contact that are not readily apparent, but that bring a richness to the experience.
— MARIA FORTUNA DEAN, Opera Singer & Educator

Danielle is a gifted teacher. Thoughtful and razor sharp, she gets to the heart of the matter, both spiritually and functionally in her approach to craft. She is not afraid to dig deep and get uncomfortable - the place from where all good things come!

Danielle’s teaching and workshop helped remove blocks from my writing practice. I used to be overwhelmed by anxiety when it came to my creative work, always delaying the act. Her intuition and experience came together to assign prompts and give feedback for not only the product I was creating, but the creative process itself. After taking this workshop with her, I feel the blocks have been lifted - I approach the page with less fear and more flow. My creative process has expanded in a way that it hasn’t in years and I am lucky I came across her as a teacher.

During my 2nd year of graduate school, I began working with Danielle. People saw a new confidence and quality in me. She was and continues to be such a blessing in my life. I am currently singing in the off-broadway show of Medea starring Annette Bening! Danielle has truly touched my life as a teacher and push of inspiration.

Danielle accesses places you haven’t gone for a long time or perhaps have never allowed yourself to remember, creating a unique juicy collection through a plethora of tools including guided meditation, visualization and active imagination exercises stimulated by writing prompts. This combination was what I needed to crack my armor and my creative flow feels sprung from its self-imposed exile. The greatest gift I gained was the belief that my personal life experience is enough to inspire others to feel and think. All I had to do was share it.
— AMY WALKER, Writer

Seriously the most effective and grounding lesson I’ve had. I feel like I’ve found more progress in the past month than I did the three years prior. It is a pleasure to connect with someone with a similar mindset and openness.
— ARMEN SARRAFIAN, Educator & Musician

Danielle has a way of just taking you there. I felt really relaxed and safe. The visualizations were super vivid and sometimes also emotional. Danielle cares deeply about everyone, that is so felt. She listens completely when you share and gives sincere and thoughtful feedback. She is so knowledgeable and wise, a true teacher. The prompts were tailored to each person and for me definitely resulted in some break-throughs. The message to listen to your intuitive voice was the main theme. To trust that inner guidance. And to also do the work. I’m so inspired by Danielle so I’ve continued working with her one on one. It feels so good to have someone who truly understands the creative process and can give fantastic specific feedback and exercises to help me grow.
— ELEONOR GELI, Artist & Quilter

Danielle is amazing!!! The only thing more amazing than her singing is her passion for the arts and life in general. Teaching is so many things... having a degree from an amazing school and being trained by some of the best is clearly a benefit, but being a good listener and compassionate and intuitive, those things can’t always be taught. That’s just who she is.

Danielle helped me get a clear vision on the direction of line! She had an understanding of what I needed and how to execute it. As an artist, having someone to who can help direct you on the business side is invaluable.
— ALLIE POHL, Artist & Designer

Besides Danielle’s wonderful understanding and brilliant talent, it is clear after working with her she is passionate to do all she can to help her students learn. She knows how to teach; all the while remaining patient, welcoming, and ecstatic to see a person grow from their time with her.
— LAWRENCE MCEVOY, Performer & Writer